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Residential Concrete Services in Austin

Do you need to lay a foundation for an extra room in your home? Or do you want a new driveway?  Maybe you have decided that it is time you installed a new retaining wall - whatever it is, so long as it has to do with concrete you can be sure that CCA is the best residential concrete contractor for the job.

We are highly experienced in all kinds of residential concrete work so you can be sure that we will deliver nothing but top quality. In fact, we do not leave until you are happy with the work we have done for you CCA understands that home extension or improvement projects can be expensive, and that is why we are careful to charge our clients prices that they can afford. With our experience and quality guarantee, you can be sure to get exactly what you envisioned. By providing high quality services, our goal is to become the concrete contractor Austin residents can rely on for all their needs.

Commercial Concrete Services

It is important to choose concrete for your new Austin, Texas commercial property as it comes with many advantages - it is affordable, it requires very little maintenance, it is fire resistant and so much more. There is no better contractor to do your commercial concrete installation for you than CCA.

​We are one of the best Austin, Texas commercial concrete contractors. Whether you are looking to lay a foundation, build retaining walls, install curb and gutter, ADA ramps or are looking for commercial slab you can be sure that we will get the job done to your expectations. We have worked on many commercial properties in Austin and we are trusted by business owners and contractors all over the city. Our work speaks for itself - our installations last a long time, sometimes a lifetime.

Brian Burton
Brian Burton
Mikey Best
Mikey Best
Josh Way
Josh Way
Kelton Stubblefield
Awesome they tore out my old driveway and poured me a new one. Awesome service and on time. Awesome company.
Kelton Stubblefield
Jacquelyn Zehner
CCA Concrete was awesome -- they were super reliable, efficient, and gave us the best bid on our driveway project! They tore out our old, cracked driveway, and completely replaced it on the same day. Hired them again for a new back patio they're going to install next week. Can't recommend them highly enough -- thanks so much Oscar!
Jacquelyn Zehner

Top Rated Concrete Company in Austin, TX

CCA Concrete serves Travis county, TX with quality concrete construction. From paving driveways, patios or pouring concrete slabs for homeowners to developing drainage solutions, retaining walls or commercial foundations, this concrete company prides itself on quality. We have the expertise to tackle each of these tasks providing high standard results that will set you apart from the rest.

At CCA Concrete, we understand that new construction, repairs and remodels require a highly skilled team with professional equipment and a supportive work environment. We have decades of experience in the field and provide the best for both our personnel and clients. See why builders, contractors, businesses, and families have trusted CCA for concrete contractor needs? We treat all contracts with the same level of professionalism.

No job is too large or too small for our family owned and operated business. Need concrete pads for your AC unit or a small slab for your workshop? It could be a new foundation for a 10,000 sq ft commercial project or a simple repair job that should last a couple of hours. Regardless of the task, we will have the right team, equipment and techniques to achieve top quality results.

CCA is a licensed concrete company that strives to offer the highest quality concrete services for both commercial and residential needs. You can contact with any inquiries including how to hire our services. Call today for a free quote (512) 598-6550.

Quality Guaranteed

We do not just want to satisfy our client’s needs, but also intent to give them peace of mind knowing they will receive exactly what we market. We strongly stand behind our work and make sure any job isn’t done until the client is fully satisfied with the outcome.

No Job is Too Large

Backed by skilled teams, latest technology, equipment, and streamlined service delivery framework, we are always ready to take on the biggest concrete projects.

Competitive Quotes

We believe in affordability and better services. Simply give us the opportunity to price match any best quote you have from another contractor and we will never disappoint.

Professional Team

Professionalism is among the core values of our business and we take pride in offering quality customer service. You can expect exceptional service from the time you contact us for a free quote all the way to when we clear the jobsite. We also have a dedicate team for all feedback and inquiries to help us improve our services. CAA will be with you through all the steps involved.


Concrete is one of the world's most durable materials for construction. When properly maintained, concrete is an investment that can last a lifetime. From concrete floors to patios to foundations, concrete can stand up to the wear and tear your family, friends, employees, or customers exert upon it. 


Concrete contractors have become artists over the years, so you are no longer restricted to the old dull grey concrete floors. Your concrete slab or patio becomes a work of art with beautification processes such as staining, polishing, and scoring. We have learned that concrete artists represent various talents, so we build retaining walls, landscapes, and patios that look natural and stunning.   


When comparing the cost and life of other building materials, concrete is one of the most affordable solutions in the world. Combine our competitive pricing with the lifespan of your concrete construction, and you have a quality investment. Add value to your home with concrete without having to break the bank. 

It is vital to choose concrete for your new Austin, Texas, commercial property. While no building material is perfect, concrete comes with many advantages. It is affordable, requires very little maintenance, and is fire-resistant, along with many other benefits. There is no better contractor to do your commercial concrete installation for you than CCA.  

We are one of the best Austin, Texas, commercial concrete contractors. Whether you are looking to lay a foundation, build retaining walls, install curb and gutter, ADA ramps, or are looking for commercial slabs, you can be sure that we will get the job done to your expectations. We have worked on many commercial properties in Austin. We are trusted by business owners and contractors all over the city. Our work speaks for itself - our installations last a long time, sometimes a lifetime.

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Our Concrete Services

No matter what home construction or repair services you need, as long as they are related to concrete, you can be sure that CCA Concrete is the best contractor for the job. We have a great deal of experience in all kinds of residential and commercial concrete work, so you can be sure that we will deliver nothing but exceptional results. These are some of our most popular services for our clients:

concrete slab Austin, TX

Concrete Slabs or Foundations

Need concrete slab or foundation poured for new construction or remodeling work? We can pour new slabs for home additions, portable buildings, commercial foundations, or new homes. We can also pour repair slabs that match existing concrete.

concrete patio Austin TX

Concrete Patios

Your family and friends will love your new concrete patio! Our concrete staining and stamping can make this space a perfect fit for your sense of style. Best of all, concrete is more durable than any patio alternative in the market. 

concrete driveway Austin TX

Concrete Driveways

CAA is the driveway contractor Austin residents call for their concrete driveways. Whether you love it circular or prefer a decorative stamped concrete driveway, we will deliver the best quality driveway for your needs.

concrete resurfacing Austin Texas

Concrete Repairs and Patches

Would you like to revitalize your old concrete with a new look? If so, we have several options just for you. We offer driveway repair and patching, foundation repair, patio patches, concrete floor repair, floor patches, and more.

retaining wall contractor

Concrete Retaining Walls

Our team can build retaining walls for homes and commercial projects. Whether you'd like to turn that hill in your backyard into a garden or your commercial construction project needs walls with drainage solutions, our architects can deliver the ideal solution!

concrete demo Austin TX

Concrete Removal

We have the tools needed for the demolition and removal of old concrete. We will excavate old foundations, demolish outdated driveways and patios, and haul out debris and concrete for a new replacement.  

commercial paving contractor Austin, TX

Commercial Concrete Paving

We offer driveway repair, driveway patching, foundation repair, concrete floor patches, and more. We can also pave your old concrete and give it a brand new look!

sidewalk paving company austin

Sidewalks and Walkways

Want to improve your company's sidewalks' functionality or want them to blend in with the surrounding environment? Our team can install a new sidewalk that's right for you. Otherwise, we're standing by to give your existing sidewalks the refurbished look they deserve.   .

parking lot contractor Austin

Parking Lots

We install and repair commercial parking lots, leaving them durable, functional, and attractive. We can help you install unique concrete that will increase the life of your parking lot and cut down on the time and effort associated with parking lot maintenance.

Ada Ramps

ADA Ramps

Violating the Americans with Disabilities Act can cause enormous problems for your company. Instead of running this risk, get in touch with CCA Concrete. We can install ADA-compliant ramps quickly and affordably!

Full List of Service

Do you have other concrete-related work in mind for your home or business? Read on for a comprehensive list of services offered by CCA Concrete.

  • Curb & Gutter
  • Drainage Solutions
  • ADA ramps
  • Commercial Slabs
  • Culvert Pipes & Headwalls
  • Sidwalks
  • Parking Areas
  • Carport Extensions
  • Circle Driveways
  • Driveway Additions
  • Concrete Patch
  • Concrete Repair
  • Boat Pads
  • Dock Ramps
  • RV Pads
  • Retention Ponds
  • Bed Edging
  • Fire Pits
  • Wall Facades
  • Concrete Driveway Repair

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Know The Difference

You may have heard people use "concrete" and "asphalt" synonymously. These building materials are similar in some ways, but they're far from identical. Once you take a close look at the differences between concrete and asphalt, you'll see that there's a clear choice for your next construction project.

  • The Basics

    First, let's review what concrete and asphalt are. The confusion between these materials likely arises from the fact that both are made with "aggregate." This substance is a mixture of sand and crushed stone, bound by another material.

    The differences between concrete and asphalt are a result of what each material uses as a binder. In the case of concrete, aggregate is held together by cement. Asphalt, on the other hand, is bound by a substance made with petroleum.

  • Price and Lifespan

    The upfront cost of installing asphalt can be slightly lower than the cost of installing concrete. If you think this suggests asphalt is "cheaper" than concrete, you wouldn't be alone - but things aren't quite that simple. You see, this fact only tells half the story on its own.

    The other factor you'll need to consider is lifespan. Even if you save a few dollars early on by installing asphalt, its service life is limited to 20 years or so. Meanwhile, concrete can continue to serve you well for twice as long - if not longer!

  • Visual Appeal

    When installed by trustworthy contractors, both asphalt and concrete can produce professional-looking results. However, if you decide to go with asphalt, you'll need to accept its relatively limited ability for customization. Some tints are available, but there's not much you can do with asphalt when it comes to brushing or staining.

    In contrast, concrete offers a rainbow of colors to home and business owners. You'll be able to customize your concrete surface further by stamping or etching it. We can even make concrete look like different materials entirely!

  • Temperature Resistance

    It's no secret that Texas can get hot, so around here, you'll need a building material that does well in the heat. Concrete fits the bill perfectly - even on the hottest summer days, it won't cause problems for you. And while cold temperatures can make concrete more brittle, that shouldn't usually be a concern in Austin.

    Asphalt isn't nearly as well-suited to extreme heat, though. If you've ever had to walk on an asphalt road on a hot day, you know how sticky these surfaces can get when it's warm out. We feel this is one of the top reasons you should seriously consider concrete in this part of the country.

  • Environmental Impact

    These days, the environmental impact of construction work is a more prominent topic of discussion than ever before. If you're concerned about limiting your project's ecological effects, we have good news: both concrete and asphalt are fully recyclable. Beyond that, though, there are some essential differences between these materials to keep in mind.

    Remember how asphalt is made with a petroleum-based binder? That means it has a relatively significant impact on the environment even before you install it. Beyond that, asphalt's shorter lifespan means you'll have to use more of it over a given period. Since it's much longer-lasting, concrete is a much more environmentally-friendly choice.

    With these factors in mind, it's not hard to understand why concrete is the best choice for most building projects. And, as you've already read, CCA Concrete is the area's top concrete contractor!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does concrete crack?

While they're highly durable, all concrete surfaces will crack eventually. Many different factors are involved with this process, such as water evaporation during the curing process to temperature fluctuations.

Don't fret minor cracks - these are just a regular part of your concrete's lifecycle. If they get out of hand, CCA Concrete is capable of providing the repair services you need.

How long will my concrete project take to finish?

That depends on how large your project is, among other things. Our team can finish smaller jobs (such as patio and driveway installation) in 2-5 days. Meanwhile, more extensive projects should take us about 4-10 days to complete.

What are some factors to look for in a concrete contractor?

It's essential to find a concrete company that's fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your project. CCA Concrete is fully qualified, so we can take on any residential or commercial concrete project you'd like.

Do I need to wait before walking on concrete?

Yes, but how long you'll need to wait depends on its finish. Concrete surfaces with standard brush finishes are ready for foot traffic a day after we've poured them. We need another day to pressure wash and seal stamped or exposed concrete, so don't walk on them until we've finished that. It's also important to remember that these guidelines are for foot traffic only - wait a week or more before driving or parking on concrete.

Can your company customize concrete?

Concrete is one of the most customizable building materials on the market, so it's perfect for use in all kinds of commercial and residential settings. At CCA Concrete, we can alter your concrete surface's appearance in all sorts of ways. Ask us about different colors, decorative stamping, or making concrete look like entirely different materials.

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