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If you are planning a home extension or new installations, then you will need professional concrete removal. Ripping off existing concrete is a tough task that requires special equipment and skills. The task also presents a considerable amount of risk. At CAA, we specialize in all concrete services including installing and removing concrete. We understand the urgency involved and will do our best to take the least time in your home.

Our concrete demolition services will still be top notch. We have helped several businesses and homeowners take down concrete floors in readiness for extensions and new installations. Our experience allows us to quickly finish complex tasks without compromising the quality of service offered.


Professional Demolition and Clean Up

In sophisticated regions such as Austin, TX, finding contractors that promise stress-free concrete removal should not be a daunting feat. However, not all have the capacity to take on any project. It is recommendable to review all aspects including business reputation, capacity, experience and quality guarantees among others. CAA boasts a large crew that can be dispatched to our clients as soon as we get those orders. We provide professional concrete removal and also clean up all the debris behind us. Our goal is to help you quickly remove any unwanted concrete so the next phase of construction can be initiated. To achieve this, we work directly and independently with our clients.


The Process

Concrete removal is different for each situation and as such, we always have our services customized to the specific client needs. It begins when you contact us and request a service or free quotes. Our team will visit the site for a full analysis of what is needed to complete the task. Once this is done, we will present the final quote and begin working on the project.

We have a highly experienced team that has been tearing away unwanted concrete for years. We also heavily invest in recent technology and state-of-the-art equipment to reduce the effort involved in every step of the way. We can handle any project large or small and have the equipment required. Since we have everything needed to finish any concrete removal task, we have no reason to sub-contract to other firms. You can trust us for consistent high quality and outcome.


Safety is Our Priority

Concrete removal can be dangerous especially for old buildings. There are cases where contractors have caused massive damage to property and compromised the stability of structures. It is very important to work with contractors you can trust. Our demolition team is unlike any other. They are frequently trained on the new processes and standards involved in facilitating concrete removal. We are also an insured company that will take liability for any damages caused by our crew. However, we follow the best practices to ensure your structure remains in good shape. We have the equipment and skill set required to remove concrete in both residential and commercial outlets. We also comply with all health and safety standards put in place to ensure responsible service delivery.

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A heavy-duty Caterpillar wheel loader, coated in dust and dirt, stands on an uneven, debris-littered ground. Its large bucket is raised slightly, poised for work in a harsh construction or demolition environment, illustrating the rugged functionality of industrial machinery.
A yellow John Deere 310C backhoe loader positioned on the edge of a freshly excavated area on a sunny day. A construction worker, visible in the cab, is operating the machine near a suburban roadside with a single orange cone in the foreground. Residential homes and green trees form the peaceful background.

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