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When they’re looking for concrete removal, Austin, TX, residents turn to the experts at CCA Concrete Contractor. We know just how to provide exceptional Austin driveway replacement services as part of this. Our employees have the knowledge and commitment to quality service needed to ensure that every step of your driveway removal goes smoothly, from concrete cutting to pouring your new driveway. 

Know These Residential Driveway Replacement Warning Signs

In many cases, simple repairs or a more in-depth resurfacing job will be enough to get your driveway back in working order. But that’s not always true - when the damage to your driveway is severe enough, you’ll need to hire a concrete contractor to tear out and replace it. And while finding a concrete driveway replacement company might sound like a hassle, taking care of this now is the only way to avoid even worse driveway problems in the future.

Still, nobody wants to go to the trouble of driveway removal when it isn’t needed or desired. With that in mind, you’ll want to know the warning signs that can indicate your driveway is on its last legs:


  • It’s at least two decades old: Concrete is a highly durable material, but its structural integrity will weaken over time. If your driveway is at least 20 years old and it seems to be worn out, you should think about removing it and getting a new one.
  • It needs significant repairs in multiple spots: Will it take more than a few fixes to make your driveway usable again? If so, having it replaced may be the most efficient and cost-effective option.
  • It’s been having drainage problems: When a driveway doesn’t drain as it should, the water collected there could get directed towards your house’s foundation. That can cause significant problems, so you’ll want to find Austin driveway replacement services ASAP.
  • It has several potholes: Potholes collect water, and water almost always spells trouble for concrete surfaces. Instead of repairing each pothole on its own, consider dealing with them all at once with a driveway replacement.
  • It has “spider web” or “alligator” cracks: Some amount of cracking is normal in any concrete driveway. That said, if you notice interconnected cracks that look like scales, it may be time for driveway demolition and replacement.

The Benefits of Decorative Concrete Driveway Replacement

Not all driveway replacement jobs are done in response to structural issues. Instead, some people choose to have their driveways replaced to reap the full benefits of decorative concrete. If your driveway needs extra visual sparkle, you can count on CCA Concrete Contractor to deliver the goods.

All kinds of methods are used to customize concrete: stamped concrete and stained concrete are just two of the most popular options. We can install driveways that fit your home’s color scheme and feature whatever pattern you choose!

Choose Us For Residential and Commercial Driveway Replacement!

When you’re a resident of Austin, Texas, or any other Travis County community, choosing a contractor can feel overwhelming. Luckily, CCA Concrete Contractor is the area’s most highly respected company for whatever concrete services you need - including driveway removal and replacement. If you need or want these services, contact us today to get started!

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