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Are you on the fence if you should invest in ADA Ramps for your business? Let us help answer that question for you in just two words.

Do it.

Since its enforcement began in the early 2010s, The American Disabilities Act has required that every path running alongside or into your business, must provide accessibility for everyone. This is typically thought of as just building a ramp into the entrance, but should be considered for every part of your property as well.

Beyond the government requirement though, it’s just good business! The more people can access your retail store or restaurant, the more traffic you’ll have to potentially do business with. Not to mention, avoiding meeting compliance can result in expensive fines.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a bit more about how CCA can help you get ADA compliant ASAP!

What Are ADA Compliant Curb Ramp Specifications?

Any ADA compliant ramp, including curb ramps, must meet a set specification of for every 20 inches of ramp length, the ramp rises 1 inch. This is so as the ramp reaches the curb (or any other location), there is a natural slope that is easy to navigate for most physically impaired people and their equipment.

In addition to this specification, it’s good practice to also add additional features such as textures to prevent slipping, and painted lines to easily designate pedestrian crossings. While these can be daunting at a glance, don’t worry, as CCA Concrete can assist with ensuring your business is fully ADA compliant for all areas of your business.

Must Have ADA Concrete Ramps

In Austin, not just ADA should be reviewed but also the Texas Accessibility Standards, or TAS for short. With the above in mind, outside of ADA Curb Ramp installation, we also offer assistance in building ADA parking lots, revamping curb and entrance ramps, and much more. In terms of ramps, while the curb is a clear area to make accessible, there are a few others you’ll need to review to remain compliant.

To start, sidewalk ramps that allow users access to your business from the street, must also meet the specifications mentioned above. We recommend reviewing your lease to ensure where the burden of responsibility is, but at the end of the day, not having this vital concrete ramp can cause issues in the future.

Another consideration is loading zones. Under TAS, unless your building is considered a historic site, you’ll be required to provide amicable routes for accessibility. This is defined as providing accessible routes between parking spaces and passenger loading zones. This is particularly important for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Even if your business doesn’t fall into the hospitality or medical industry, you’ll still need to ensure accessible routes are provided to all patrons.

As mentioned before, you won’t need to memorize every ADA or TAS requirement as we got you covered! From beginning to end, our experienced team will guide you through what is needed and ensure you are 100% compliant before the project is done.

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A grayscale image of a ramp with textured paving and stainless steel handrails leading to a building entrance. The picture, taken from a low angle, shows the accessibility feature in a modern architectural context, with a focus on the handrails and the edge of the ramp.
A modern black wheelchair ramp with a zigzag design, contrasting against the light gray concrete columns of a building in the background. The ramp is situated on a green lawn and leads up to a light gray platform, blending functionality with contemporary design.

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