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Finding concrete slabs in Austin, Texas should not be a daunting task if you have the backing of an experienced reliable contractor. CAA has been providing concrete solutions for several years and can help you pick the ideal solution for your needs. We are experts when it comes to concrete including slabs and foundations. Our team has helped many home and business owners pick the ideal solution for their needs.

Concrete is the most popular building material in the world so and this naturally opens up the market for several suppliers. However, not all of them can meet your unique requirement. It is still important to carefully review each offer and find the best option. We have the capacity to provide, install and repair any concrete slabs in Austin, TX.Over the years, CAA has worked with many developers, homeowners and business owners to install concrete slabs and foundations. Our slabs offer maximum durability and can be installed in homes, garages, warehouses, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks among other places. If you are in the market for concrete slabs, then you just came into the right place. We provide slabs for new constructions, home and room additions, storage sheds, workshops and portable buildings just to name a few. You can trust us to maintain high standards through all the stages of installation or repair.


Concrete Slabs in Austin, TX - New Construction or Remodel

New construction and remodeling projects require a totally different approach if you want to achieve high quality results. At CAA, we understand all the phases involved including the most important ones like curing. We take every aspect into account when pouring new concrete slabs. It all begins with excavation and surface preparation and ends when the client is satisfied with the work we accomplish.

Whether you need slabs for your driveway or animal shed, we will use the best materials to provide the best outcome for your needs. The main challenge with concrete slabs is the formation of crack and scour lines while it is still new. This is usually a result of using low-quality cement or poor curing. We avoid cracks by using high-quality raw materials and emphasizing on each process to get the best results possible. Our concrete slabs never crack and we have quality guarantees to back every claims.


Stamped and Stained Concrete Slab

If you want to be creative with your slabs, you can choose concrete stamping or staining for improved properties. It all depends on the look you are going for. Our stamped concrete floors are perfect for driveways, entrances and patios. We have several designs and patterns to choose from or you could come up with a customized style for your needs. Concrete stamping and staining will take your slabs to the next level and make your spaces magnificent. Nonetheless, this feat is only achievable with top quality services. We put more emphasis on providing quality service and targeting every need.

In addition to installing concrete slabs, we offer patching services to renew any rugged worn out slabs and surfaces. We combine experience with state of the art equipment and techniques that will provide the result you envision for your project. Our team is also dedicated to facilitating every process and making us the concrete contractor Austin residents can call for any project small or large. We have the capacity to handle any concrete projects including providing, installing and/or repairing concrete slabs.


A new residential construction with wooden framing and a covered porch in progress. The structure, covered in tan sheathing, stands under a clear blue sky with a backdrop of dense green trees, with construction materials and debris scattered in the foreground.
Construction workers in orange and white safety gear are finishing a large, freshly poured concrete floor. A green crane looms in the background, and a solitary palm tree punctuates the skyline, suggesting a construction site in a warm climate.

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