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CCA Concrete has been doing business in Austin, TX for a while now, and we always get asked if we take care of concrete paving. Rest assured, outside of repairs and replacement, we absolutely can take on  any concrete paving project!

Our team has access to industry leading machinery that makes the concrete paving process a smoother experience whether it’s for your home or business. We don’t stop there though as we also help with paving slabs, sidewalk paving, and a whole lot more. In fact, when it comes to driveways, we have it down to almost a science.

Premiere Driveway Paving Contractors 

As an insured and bonded concrete paving contractor in Austin Texas, we are very familiar with the requirements for residential driveway paving. Outside of the different permits and regulations we are required to follow, we also provide a full service from start to finish for every home we visit.

That service includes:

  • Consultation and examination of the job site
  • Full removal of existing driveway
  • Haul away of unnecessary debris and material
  • Preparing the sub-base and adding rebar as needed
  • Pouring the concrete and finishing the surface
  • Adding any decorative touches you may ask for

The last bit about decorative touches is what sets us apart from the competition. While we could just pave and be on our way, we also know that as a homeowner, you’re looking to really make your driveway something you want to come home to.

We offer a number of decorative concrete choices including stamped concrete which can give your concrete a unique cobblestone look that will be the envy of your block!

At the end of the day, the above can definitely be a DIY project, but we’ve found that even one mistake along the way could lead to a pricey series of repairs or replacements in the future. Instead, we highly recommend working with a residential paving company like ourselves, to get the job done right the first time, and ensure that concrete’s long lifeline is preserved as best as possible.

Concrete Commercial Paving Cost Savings 

Do you currently have asphalt outside of your business? In Texas, that is probably costing you a lot more than you think.

Asphalt runs on average around 20 degrees hotter than concrete which is especially detrimental given our super-hot Texas summers. While this may seem like a small issue, the hotter it is outside your business, the more heat is accumulating inside meaning you’re running that AC that much longer to keep patrons happy.

Our team provides a comprehensive concrete paving service to replace your existing material and install cooler concrete. Once set, not only will you have a longer lasting material that can stand up to regular foot and vehicle traffic, but you’ll also begin noticing savings on your electricity bill.

In addition to immediate cost savings, concrete paving for sidewalks, walkways between buildings, and more can be upgraded with decorative touches to really drive business and get customers wanting more. We’re here to help not only increase your cost savings, but also drive more traffic to your business.

Parking Lot Paving in Austin 

While not every business has a parking lot, the ones that do directly benefit from concrete. In addition to its long lasting qualities and naturally cooler temperature, concrete is also far quicker to install than most other materials when the correct processes are followed.

CCA concrete has tackled both renovations and initial builds for parking lots with our completion times being shorter than any asphalt paving company. This is due to needing less passes when pouring and paving concrete compared to other materials as well as a wealth of experience at our disposal.

We don’t stop at just installation, however, as we urge each of our clients to look into their ADA compliance. Every parking lot built in Austin, TX must be ADA compliant which includes any sidewalk paving, driveways, or entry ways into the lot. While this can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with general regulations regarding what should or shouldn’t be compliant, we’re here to help.

Our team not only helps with paving but also with designating certain sections of the parking lot as loading zones, for parking, or for physically impaired parking. Our goal is to provide a full service which includes making sure your parking lot is 100% up to code before the first vehicles start to pull in.

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Construction workers in orange and white safety gear are finishing a large, freshly poured concrete floor. A green crane looms in the background, and a solitary palm tree punctuates the skyline, suggesting a construction site in a warm climate.
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