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If you’ve lived in Austin for a while, you’ve probably bumped into “sidewalks” that are really just the side of the road that has been walked on enough to create a natural path. While these can be used time and time again, concrete is a far better choice for any area where pedestrians often travel.

Whether you own a business or are just looking to upgrade your home, CCA Concrete offers both new sidewalk construction as well as existing cement sidewalk repair! Here’s a bit more about our installation process.

What to Know About Concrete Sidewalk Installation

Concrete sidewalk contractors in Austin, TX will all tell you the same thing. Concrete will save your feet from the heat, well, most of the time. Texas gets extremely hot no matter what time of year, and on average concrete is around twenty degrees cooler than the alternatives. As a city where everyone loves to avoid wearing shoes, adding concrete will be a refreshing change to the usual heat.

Concrete sidewalk installation is done in one of two was: slabs or paving.

Installation done via slabs involves first confirming the structural integrity of the soil for the intended installation area. Once confirmed, our team will break ground and provide framing to ensure the ground below doesn’t collapse, before pouring the concrete.

Paving, on the other hand, does follow a similar analysis but uses a machine to create a seamless surface with little to no visible breaks. This is a popular choice for businesses as it increases curb appeal and can be made as accessible as needed, even if you’re located on one of Austin’s many hills.

Regardless of either installation process you go with, once the concrete sets, you’ll have a beautiful finish that should last multiple decades with proper maintenance. Don’t worry though if you notice any small cracks or holes develop overtime though as we also offer concrete sidewalk repairs!

What to Know About Residential Concrete Replacement

Outside of the procedure of how we replace concrete, chances are if you’re looking for concrete replacement contractors, you’re aware of Austin, Texas’ residential construction laws. If not, here’s a quick rundown.

The city of Austin requires any work done in a neighborhood to be considerate of Right of Way laws and regulations. Generally, this involves having at least:

  • The correct permits
  • A traffic control plan
  • A number of fees
  • And lots more

These precautions are taken so when a driveway or sidewalk is being replaced, there is little impact on vehicle traffic, pedestrian crossing, and ,most importantly, emergency or utility vehicle access. Don’t worry if the above gives you a migraine thinking through all the steps, as CCA Concrete will guide you through all of the above one step at a time!

In addition to the regulations placed on any residential concrete replacement project, we also want to mention our decorative concrete options. If you’re looking to really impress the neighbors, you can add some flare to your patio or driveway and even go for a concrete sealing to make it last for that much longer!

If you’re interested in how we can improve the look of your home, or just want to know more about our replacement process, give us a call for a free estimate today!

How a Sidewalk Repair Company Works

Sidewalk repair companies like ourselves, typically need to understand the extent of damage to decide on the best course of action. You can help with this by getting answers to the below questions:

  • Are there cracks all over the surface of the sidewalk or only one slab?
  • Are there deep holes that are collecting water on one or multiple slabs?
  • Is  any part of the concrete sinking lower than the rest?

Those answers will lead us to decide if a simple sidewalk crack repair will do the job or if a full sidewalk replacement is needed.

Resurfacing concrete sidewalks or a repair can be done if the damage is minimal or isolated. For example, if you had  slab installation and only one slab is showing damage, we can perform a repair or minor replacement on just that one slab. Resurfacing is often done when the damage is not a deep crack or hole, but rather just a series of surface scratches.

When the issue is more severe such as multiple slabs showing similar deep damage or one part of the sidewalk has fallen deeper than the others, then a replacement may be in order. Sunken parts of the sidewalk often mean that the area under the sidewalk has shifted which could lead to injury for any pedestrians walking along it.

We highly recommend consulting an expert even if you think the damage is minimal as even if it looks like no issue today, it can quickly turn into a major issue that can be costly for both home and business owners alike. Give us a call today for a free estimate and consultation so we can solve your sidewalk issues today!

Looking For Austin Walkway Contractors?

Oh! Perhaps instead of a sidewalk, you’re looking for concrete walkway repairs or installations. Well, luckily, we take care of this as well.

Walkways, unlike sidewalks, often refer to paths leading from one building to another on the same property. This can be from the back door of a home to a standalone garage, or an exit of a business building to the cafeteria.

Similar to sidewalks, these can be installed as both slabs and through paving. What you may also want to consider for your walkways is decorative concrete! If you have a lovely deck with a plain concrete path leading to it, our team can help with installing stamped or stained concrete, to really bring together your backyard with a beautifully finished walkway.

Whether it’s a sidewalk or walkway though, our team is here to help with any of your concrete needs!

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