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Concrete Extension and Additions Austin TX

Are the existing concrete surfaces on your residential or commercial property starting to feel limiting? If so, it may be time to consider hiring concrete additions contractors for a concrete home addition or concrete slab extensions. Thanks to our employees’ can-do attitude and unmatched expertise, Austin, TX residents have long relied on CCA Concrete Contractor for these services.

Our Concrete Additions Services

No matter what type of Austin, Texas-area concrete surface you need a contractor to extend, CCA Concrete Contractor can handle the job for you. We’re ready to work on extension projects for these surfaces and more:

Driveway Extensions

Do you want to extend the length of your driveway or make it wider to accommodate a new two-car garage? Either way, our team can get it done at a low price.

Patio Extensions

Patios are an excellent space for entertaining outdoors, but no one wants to feel cramped on their patio. Let us give you the space you need for a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or just inviting more guests.

Slab Extensions

Any addition to your home needs a foundation as strong as the one you already rely on. We’re ready to install high-quality slab extensions for your next home addition.

How We Install Concrete Foundations for Home Additions

When it’s time to choose foundations for home addition projects, there’s no better choice than concrete for the job. This material has several advantages that make it ideal for home additions and other projects:


  • Flexibility. To use your outdoor space as effectively as possible, you need a material that can fit almost anywhere. Because concrete is poured into molds, it can easily take any shape you can imagine.
  • Easy installation. While professionals should always handle large-scale concrete projects, this material is easier to work with than the alternatives. That will help you save time and complete your project as soon as possible.
  • Low prices. Whether the scale of your next construction project is large or small, the cost is always a concern. The good news is that concrete is highly affordable - when you work with a reputable company like CCA Concrete Contractor, that is.


Are you curious about how concrete foundations are installed? Here, you’ll find a brief explanation of the process we follow when creating foundations for home additions and more.

Step One: Planning Your Concrete Foundation

Before our concrete experts arrive at your property, we need to have a solid plan in place. We’ll talk to you about what you want from your project at this stage.

Step Two: Preparing for Concrete Pouring

Once we clearly understand your goals, we’ll get to work. First, your team will handle preparatory tasks like excavating the area where concrete will be poured, building forms for the new concrete, and putting in additives and rebar.

Step Three: Concrete Addition Installation

With all these preparations taken care of, the only thing left is to pour the concrete itself. After that’s done - and the concrete has had a chance to cure - you’ll be able to put your new concrete foundation to use!

Your Go-To Concrete Additions Contractors

If you live anywhere in Travis County and you’re looking for a renowned Austin concrete additions company, look no further! The crew members at CCA Concrete Contractors are ready to provide the help you need. Give us a call soon!

A newly poured concrete patio extends from a beige suburban home, featuring two large windows and a black front door. The smooth, unblemished surface of the patio casts soft shadows from an off-frame sun, while a stack of paving bricks awaits installation to the side, hinting at ongoing landscaping work.
A recently completed concrete patio glistens with moisture next to a house with beige stucco walls. The patio is bordered by bare soil, suggesting recent landscaping work. Outdoor furniture and a barbecue grill on the patio indicate a domestic backyard setting.

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