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Unlike a concrete repair, replacement is a much more involved process. We’ll typically advise a full replacement over a repair if there is significant damage that is not just on the surface, but also affecting the area’s overall structural integrity.

Luckily, here at CCA Concrete, we pride ourselves on being the only name you need to know for residential or commercial concrete replacement. Here are just a few of the concrete replacement services we offer!

Concrete Replacement Services:

Concrete Driveway Replacement

Your driveway, whether it’s to your home or business, will likely receive the most regular foot and vehicle traffic. Due to its regular use, it will often be the part of your property that needs the most maintenance including replacement. Our typical replacement service includes the destruction and removal of the old concrete or other material, examination of the soil and rebar underneath, and of course laying a new concrete layer that will last you another few decades!

Concrete Sidewalk Replacement

While it’s easy to overlook uneven or broken pieces of sidewalk along the side of your property, you should take a second look! Often, large cracks or holes that are left unchecked can lead to safety issues for passersbys of your home or business. A sidewalk replacement ensures that not only are pedestrians safe on your property, but your overall curb appeal improves as well.

Concrete Patio Replacement 

Concreate patios are a smart investment for any home and business, especially when combined with decorative concrete. Patios, unlike a driveway or sidewalk, experience less regular foot traffic but can still break down overtime. Whether you have a connected patio, or a standalone patio installed on a slab, we’re here to help!

Concrete Slab Replacement 

Speaking of slabs, no matter what Austin concrete replacement company you go with, each will have a different method for approaching the replacement of a concrete slab. Our team is more than familiar with these freestanding installations and strive to not only think of the slab itself, but also what you’re planning to use it for!

Concrete Steps Replacement 

Concrete steps on any part of your property can become cracked overtime due to weather and other external elements. Our replacement process ensures that not only will your steps come out looking exactly how you want them, but they’ll last a lot longer with the use of industry leading techniques.

What to Know About Residential Concrete Replacement

Outside of the procedure of how we replace concrete, chances are if you’re looking for concrete replacement contractors, you’re aware of Austin, Texas’ residential construction laws. If not, here’s a quick rundown.

The city of Austin requires any work done in a neighborhood to be considerate of Right of Way laws and regulations. Generally, this involves having at least:

  • The correct permits
  • A traffic control plan
  • A number of fees
  • And lots more

These precautions are taken so when a driveway or sidewalk is being replaced, there is little impact on vehicle traffic, pedestrian crossing, and ,most importantly, emergency or utility vehicle access. Don’t worry if the above gives you a migraine thinking through all the steps, as CCA Concrete will guide you through all of the above one step at a time!

In addition to the regulations placed on any residential concrete replacement project, we also want to mention our decorative concrete options. If you’re looking to really impress the neighbors, you can add some flare to your patio or driveway and even go for a concrete sealing to make it last for that much longer!

If you’re interested in how we can improve the look of your home, or just want to know more about our replacement process, give us a call for a free estimate today!

Is CCA Concrete Trained in Commercial Concrete Replacement 


CCA Concrete is not only bonded and insured, but have worked with multiple small business and enterprise clients. Unlike residential concrete replacement, as a business owner, you have additional items to consider that include:

  • ADA compliance
  • Injury prevention
  • Designation of usage

Our team is trained to take care of all of the above and more, while also working hand in hand to provide the least down time for your business. Whether it’s a parking lot, sidewalk, or entry ramp – our team can work with your schedule to ensure any customers or employees are minimally impacted, as we perform repairs to bring your property up to code.

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Before and after views of a ramp against a brick wall. On the left, an old, deteriorated ramp with a rusted metal handrail; on the right, the ramp has been replaced with new concrete and a sturdy metal handrail, with orange cones indicating recent construction work.
A newly poured concrete sidewalk with a manhole cover, framed by an orange safety barrier at a construction site. A gas station with a prominent 76 logo is visible in the background, with overcast skies suggesting recent or impending work on the pavement.

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