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If you’re looking for concrete slab installation and any other concrete slab services in Austin, TX, CCA Concrete Contractor can help! Our Austin-based team has a long history of working on concrete slab construction and demolition in Travis County. Let us put our concrete expertise to work for you when you’re planning to build home additions, patios, and more!

Why Do You Need Concrete Slab Construction?

Don’t believe you need a concrete slab for your Austin, Texas, residential property? Think again - a concrete slab foundation can play a crucial role in almost any home improvement project you can imagine! Here, we’ve listed just a handful of ways you can use a high-quality slab from CCA Concrete Contractor:


One extremely popular use of concrete in Travis County backyards is patio construction. When the weather’s beautiful and you’re not busy, nothing beats spending time on your own patio with friends and family. There’s just one problem - you’ll need to build a patio first.

At CCA Concrete Contractor, we’re capable of installing even large-scale patio slabs for our customers. But not all that doesn’t necessarily mean these are monolithic slabs. In some cases, we pour concrete for patios in individual sections, combined by screeding and brushing concrete and cutting control joints before it sets. 

Utility Slabs

When you’re planning to install a trash can station or outdoor air conditioner, you can’t just put it on the ground and hope for the best. These utilities and others need a reliable surface to rest on. For many homeowners, that takes the form of a concrete slab.

However, these slabs don’t need to be particularly large - they just have to go four inches past whatever happens to be sitting on them. That said, they do need to be perfectly flat (as opposed to driveways and patios, which should be somewhat sloped to allow for water runoff).

Basketball Hoops

Even if your home already has a driveway slab, a new slab in this part of your property can give you a new way to get active and have fun outside. And while you can install a basketball hoop right along your driveway, we wouldn’t recommend it - doing so can make parking a hassle.

While basketball hoop slabs can be relatively small, the pouring process for these slabs is slightly different from what you might expect. To get started, you’ll have to dig a hole in the center of the area you plan to use for the hoop; then, you should fill this space with concrete to stabilize your basketball hoop’s pole. The team at CCA Concrete Contractor knows how to handle this process, so just ask us to take care of it for you!

Shady Spots

It’s not too unusual to have a spot in your yard where shade prevents anything from growing - even grass. But that doesn’t mean you need to deal with an unsightly patch of bare earth there, either. Just cover it up with a concrete slab to use your space to the fullest!

If you get creative, a small concrete slab in one of these spots can allow you to enjoy your yard in new and exciting ways. Consider using it as a space to put a grill, a hammock, an outdoor bench, or a fountain.

Hot Tubs

What could be more soothing than stepping into a private hot tub at the end of a long day? Still, it’s important to remember that these tubs are certainly heavy - especially when they’re filled with both water and people. If you have seven people in a 420-gallon hot tub, the total weight could be a staggering 5,600 pounds!

That means your hot tub needs a truly reliable foundation. A concrete slab is just what you’re looking for, provided it’s installed by contractors who know what they’re doing. These slabs should also be completely level, just like utility slabs.

We Do Slab Removal, Repair & Replacement

Concrete slabs are an excellent choice for foundations and home improvement projects - but while they can last for decades, they’ll need to be replaced eventually. If you have an aging concrete slab on your Austin, TX property, get in touch to set up concrete slab removal and slab replacement.

In some cases, old concrete slabs can get a fresh lease on life with some TLC. Are you hoping to extend the lifespan of your concrete slab or just give it an exciting new look? CCA Concrete Contractor can help - all you need to do is ask about our slab resurfacing services!

Work With The Greatest Austin Concrete Slab Company

If you’re ready to install a concrete slab anywhere in Austin, Texas, or Travis County, CCA Concrete Contractor is ready to help! We’re easy to get a hold of - just give us a call today.

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