St. Edward's Park

Saint Edward's Park is a public park in Austin, Texas. The park was established in 1882 and spans about five acres of land. It is located at the intersection of Saint Edward Street and West Avenue, just south of Downtown Austin near Lady Bird Lake. With its fresh air, manicured gardens, and scenic views, this place is truly a gateway to excellence.

The park offers a variety of activities and attractions. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens, play at the playgrounds, or take a relaxing walk around the lakeshore. There are also many events hosted here throughout the year including live music performances, art shows, and festivals. For those who want to get some exercise while having fun in nature, there is a jogging trail that encircles the park and a fitness circuit located at the center.

St. Edward's Park is also known for its European-style stables (The Cattleman Restaurant) which offers fine dining in an elegant setting, with views of horse paddocks where you can see horses being trained by professionals on Saturdays from November to April.

This is a wonderful place for all ages where you can get to know the local community, take up new activities or just enjoy nature at its finest. Come visit St Edward's Park today!

How to get to St. Edward's Park?

To reach the park, you need to take a bus from Nos. 184, 182, 142, and 11A to the stop at St Edward's Road.

Where is St. Edward's Park?

St. Edward's Park can be found at the intersection of Saint Edward Street and West Avenue, just south of Downtown Austin near Lady Bird Lake.

What is there to do at St. Edward's Park?

What are the best times to visit St. Edward's Park?

The park is open from April until October when you will be able to enjoy all of the beauty that it has to offer outside in its well-maintained grounds. However, if you would like somewhere a little quieter where dogs can run free year-round, there are other parks in Camden that are available all year round.

When does it open/close for the season, what are its hours of operation

St Edward's Park Austin is open from 5 am - 10 pm Mon-Sun.

How much does admission cost?

What is there to eat at St. Edward's Park?


The wide-open spaces of this quiet park make it a great place for all sorts of leisure activities, including walking the dog or taking your kids to play on the swings.

There are a variety of restaurants in the Austin, Texas area for you to choose from, including The Cattleman Restaurant which offers fine dining and views of horse paddocks where training can be viewed on Saturdays from November through April (closed on Mondays).

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